About us

  College of materials and environmental engineering of Hangzhou Dianzi University was established in 2010. It houses 2 departments and 1 institute, which include the Department of materials science and engineering,the Department of environmental science and engineering and the Zhejiang Institute of magnetic materials. MEE offers master’s degrees of material science and engineering (Category I) and environmental monitoring and control.The discipline of material science is among the top 1% of ESI global rankings since May 2019, which is one of the three 1% ESI disciplines in HDU.

   MEE now has 146 staff and over 130 full-time faculty members, among whom nearly 200 hold senior professional, 43 associate professors, 67 lecturers, 3 national high-level talents and 7 provincial senior talents.

  Based on the scientific researches and engineering practices, MEE aims to train senior scientific and technical talents with international vision, interdisciplinary, compounded knowledge and professional skills. There are 521 students in school, including 440 undergraduates and 81 graduate students. The undergraduate tutor system is implemented for everyone to stimulate innovation and creativity. In the past three years, the undergraduates have won more than 50 awards in various competitions such as national innovation competition and Zhejiang Xinmiao competition. The average employment rate of the graduates is more than 97%. In 2018, the employment rate reaches 98%, and the promotion rate is 25%. 

  MEE now has an experimental site over 7000 square meters, including 1 provincial experimental teaching demonstration center, 1 testing and characterization center, 1 pilot line of magnetic material industry, 2 central financial special laboratories, 3 provincial financial special laboratories, 5 material research centers and 7 professional laboratories. There are more than 100 kinds of large instruments, including spherical aberration correction scanning transmission electron microscope, comprehensive physical property measurement system, Raman spectrum, electron beam exposure nano processing platform, high-performance computing cluster, etc., with a total value of more than 50 million Chinese yuan.

  Adhering to the construction requirements of high starting point, high standard and high level, relying on the construction of first-class disciplines and the major national development strategy, MEE is committed to solving the scientific frontier and core problems and the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements on matierials synthesis, performance and application in new materials, new energy and other fields, forming electromagnetic materials, photoelectric materials, dielectric materials, new energy materials, electronic film materials, flexible electronic materials, nano and low dimensional materials, eco-environmental materials and applications, environmental monitoring and control, soil pollution remediation and solid waste treatment and other distinctive and influential research directions. In recent five years, MEE has undertaken more than 50 national scientific research projects, including national key research programs, international scientific and technological cooperation projects, National Natural Science Foundation, etc. Moreover, MEE has won a second prize of national science and technology progress award, published more than 500 SCI papers, and obtained more than 100 national invention patents.