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Zhu dancheng

Zhu dancheng, born in January 1992, male, doctor, assistant researcher. Graduated from material science and engineering, Zhejiang university in 2018.

I am mainly engaged in the preparation and characterization of two-dimensional TMDs materials, and has profound academic achievements in the growth mechanism and electron microscope characterization of two-dimensional TMDs. And 6 SCI papers has been published in NPJ 2D Materials and applications, Nanotechnology and other journals

Sun Junting

laboratory assistant

Wang Jing

Jing Wang, was born in Feb. 1989. Now is an Assistant Researcher in Hangzhou Dianzi University. She graduated from Zhejiang University majoring in chemistry in 2017 and received her doctorate from Zhejiang University in Jun. 2017.

Her main current research interests are focus on the preparation of doped carbon materials and carbon-based composites and their research in the field of electrocatalysis. Up to now, more than 13 high-quality academic papers have been published on international publications, such as Energy Environ. Sci., Adv. Mater., J. Mater. Chem. A and so on, 6 of which as first author have been recorded by SCI.

lu bin

Bin Lu, 1989/7, male, doctor, assisted researcher. Graduating from South China University of Technology in 2019, major in Materials Processing Engineeringtutored by Prof. Min Zhu & Jun Liu. Mainly study on electrochemistry energy storage, including flexible film batteries, alkaline metal batteries and lithium sulfur batteris etc.. Articles have been published on magazines, which are recorded by SCI database